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While ordering my walkfits, i was given several options on extra offers which were said to be only a dollar.I agreed to the gel comforts that can help enhance the walkfits.

About a month later my account was debited for $18.90. When i called to ask what it was for they said it was for the gel insoles, they charge the $1 upfront then debit the rest of it later which didn't make any sense. So I cancelled everything from then on, the guy even told me everything was now cancelled. Now a couple weeks later they debited my account for $44.85.

I called to have them reverse this charge since everything was canceled and did not order anything. When i asked to speak to a manager he acted as if he couldn't hear me, then hung up. I called again and he told me it was an order that was placed a while ago because I didn't cancel it. Then I told him everything had been canceled and all he could say was how sorry he was and that NOW everything had really been canceled and I wouldn't get my refund back until I return the shipment they just sent me.

*** customer service!!!!Would not recommend ordering from this company EVER!!!!!!!

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I've read a number of complaints about the customer service with the walk fit company, I will not be ordering from their company!But will choose to find them at Walgreens or target.

It's a shame a company can't follow through with honesty.How sad

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