I was charged over 40 dollars for an order I never placed.Even if I had finalized the order, they advertised pay one dollar now and the balance in two weeks.

I had intended to order these for a dollar thinking if they didn't work I could send them back before being charged. They got my card info and pop up screens came up trying to get me to order other things. A screen came up wanting me to buy the cushions, for 15 dollars, that I thought were included, so I decided not order and closed the window. I never hit a button authorizing any transaction, and they charged my card 40.81 immediately.

And even through all of that they were only 20 dollars full price with 10 dollars shipping.

What is going on here?The picture I included (The Try for $1 Lowest offer EVER!)is directly from their website.

Monetary Loss: $41.

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Sherman Oaks, California, United States #647784

Hi, I work for the Walk Fit company.I suggest that you call customer service (their number is on your invoice as well has your charge) so they can give you an account breakdown.

I certainly apologize for the inconvenience.Thank you.

to marya13 #794542

with all the comments on the customer no service and refusals of refunds etc. How does a person know if you really work for the company

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