Walk fit insoles are not the problem here, it is the 30 minutes of them trying to sell you other products while trying to complete your order. I specifically made sure not to elect other coverages, then today they charged me $44 dollars for some BS *** joint flex, they said they could not stop charging my card, until after I return the package back to them, as a return to sender.

The customer service is base out of India, and completly sucks, DONT BUY THIS PRODUCT SCAM !! I could not believe they would not or could not stop shipping, they tried to rob me of 45 dollars

Monetary Loss: $45.

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I ordered the WalkFit for my son and agreed to $9.95 for Priority shipping. Well the Priority shipping took 8 days, mailed from Ca to a CA address!!

When I received the bill, it showed $19.95 and $9.95 TWICE! I called the toll free number and was advised that is the shipping cost for that small package! I ordered online and all it mentioned was $9.95 for Priority shipping, no mention of an additional $9.95...SCAM! I made such a fuss..I would have reported them to the District Attorney, but finally they agreed to refund me the 2nd $9.95 charge.

I am waiting for that.

Don't know how the Walkfit will help my son, but hopefully it will as he suffers from foot pain. Buyer beware and prepared!!


I was charged 30.80 for shipping and processing. I ordered 1- Walk Fit Platinum cushions 1- walk Fit Platinum D.R with lotion and 2- Foot Washers (which I did not order).

My total was 65.70. I was never showed an invoice before I ordered this. The infomercial says $19.95 plus shipping and processing. I am not happy.

I will call customer service for a refund. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!

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