My husband ordered WalkFit on one website page and was transferred to their "Platinum" page without his permission they added additional $14.95 charge and to were going to charge our credit card with another $18.90 after 30 days for "Fit for life." (Whatever that means.)

They returned $21.00 to our credit card after I sent back the merchandise at a cost of $5.85.They refused to return the overpriced $14.90 Shipping and Processing charges.

This is how they are making their money!

They aren't providing a good product, just making $$ by overcharging for Shipping and Processing.

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u know what fu@k you mary dumb mother fu@ker u work 4 walkfit so suck my di@k *** :p


Hi there,

I work for the Walk Fit company.I would love to look your order to find out what we show you ordered.

Without looking at the order it seems like you ordered an additional pair of insoles and possibly the gel cushions for $1.00 upfront and the balance due in 30 days. Once I can look at the order I can give you a complete breakdown.

Please email me directly at marya@walkfit.com so I can locate your order.Thank you, Mary

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