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I never bought this product in fact I just watched the Infomercual. I never buy a product the uses Carnival Techniques to sell the product.

If you watch the video and other similar products the claim is that you are more aligned or internally stronger because of the product. To convince you they push down on a persons ares or hands; once without the product and once with the product.

Here's how it works... Try it with a friend. Have them extend there arms sligthly with one fist over the other. Push straight down to the floor and see how strong and stable they fill. The say when I say the magic word BS you will lose all of your strength. Have them repeat the hand position.

This time instead of pushing straight down. Slightly pull them towards you as you push down. The will lose balance. Not because of the word BS; but because you angled the force on their body away from them on an angle.

If they have to trick you to buy then how strong is the product?

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I knew it, I had to prove to my daughter, thanks for the carnival solution :zzz


Steplone, I work for the Walk Fit company. I appreciate that you stated you have not bought our product.

How about you try them before you decide if they work or not.

Please feel free to contact me directly at Thank you, Mary

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