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I am so mad at this moment I am about to explode!!!!

I ordered your walkfit and was never given a price as to what they would cost, I

was assuming it would be what was advertised on the TV...$19.99, when you took

the money from my account it was for $53.92 and then I could not even wear them,

none of my shoes fit with them in. I called around December 2, 2011 and wanted

to return them, I was met with resistance from your customer service person but

she finally agreed to cancel the additional $18.90 and would be refunded $34

once I returned them. I mailed them back on Dec. 5, 2011 and still have not

received my refund and today 1/5/12 I was charged the additional fee of $18.90.

If my money is not refunded by Friday, Jan. 13, I am going to contact the Better

Business Bureau along with an attorney. I have now lost $72.82 for something I

don't have or can use!!!!!!

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I have purchased many things from QVC and TV, I have never had this problem before. Walkfit is a scam.....buyer beware.


Only suckers buy products sold on late night infomercials and QVC. You get what you pay for.

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