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I recently ordered two pair of Walkfit Platinum insoles from their website. When the order arrived, in addition to the two pair of insoles, there were gel inserts which I did not order and which were sent to me on approval. In addition, the postage they charged me was more than they advertised on their site.

I ordered these insoles because I had a pair which I bought years ago and was pleased with the product. I don't remember having any problems with the order then. I called their customer service number because I did not understand the itemized invoice which came with the order. After speaking to their rep (who was in India), I decided to send the entire order back and have them refund my money (less the cost of shipping, of course). It cost me over $17.00 to send it back via UPS. (They sent it via the post office, but charged me about $25.)

I got a confirmation from UPS that Walkfit had received the return and called to find out how long it would take to see the refund on my credit card statement. The agent advised that I'd see it in 7 to 10 days, which turned out to be true. The only problem was that the refund should have been about $2.50 more than it was. I decided to not pursue the matter.

The product did work for me, but I'm glad that I can get these insoles in Target, without worrying about being sent things on approval which I did not order.

I can't understand why a company which sells a product which obviously works for many people in a manner who cheats the customer. This product has been available for quite some time. If word gets around, people will avoid getting it directly from Walkfit because they're dishonest.

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Thank you I will go to Target tomorrow


I almost ordered a pair with my credit card but decided to check it out first and am so glad I did. Thanks to whoever posted that they are available at Target.

If I cant buy them locally then I'll just forget the whole thing. Hey Walkfit...hope you are reading these comments about your service.


Thank you for the info about your problem with the company. I have been wanting to order them for abut 2 months now, but the horror stories have hindered me from ordering.

I like the offer for the platinum with all the great benefits, but have been through the hassle before with another company and can't afford to go that route again.

I'll have to find another way to purchase it.

Thank you.


Glad I read your review. I already had 1 pair of Walk Fits and wanted another.

Saw that Target also sold them for $20, but thought I should go thru the company site. After reading your comments, I remembered how long it took to get the order through and how many no's I had to say to all the add-on products. Like you said, they have a good product, but trying to sell so many other items and charging so much shipping,puts their company in a negative light.

I will order from Target where I'm sure the shipping charges will be reasonable. Thanks




Glad I read this as I was about to order. I will now go to Target instead.


Hi Be44,

I work for the Walk Fit company. I am sorry that your order was not correct.

I will be happy to assist you. Please email me directly so I can locate you in our data base and take a look at your order. My email address is marya@walkfit.com.

Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Mary

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