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I ordered the product and was charged extra for S&H (which) I did not request. They took the money directly from my checking account.

As a result, a check which I wrote a couple of days later bounced and although the check was honored, my bank charged $34. When I complained, I was told that they would credit my account $15.00. Once I receive the credit, I will return the item (at my own expense) to get a refund of the item.

I will lose money on the S&H because they won't eat that charge. Do not do business with Walkfit.

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I had 2nd metatarsal pain for 6 months then as soon, no lie as soon as I tried walkfit from target I was painfree and have been ever since. I recommended to my dad who now uses them and he is very satisfied.


Worst service I have ever had. They charged me for express shipping which I did not order.

Then because I have diabeties, and the warning was never expressed until I received them, I requested a refund. They told me I would receive the Credit for the express shipping and the $19.95 for the product but of course not the regular shipping fee.

When you purchase the product they DO NOT even tell you what shipping charges are!! I should have known better!

I still have not received any refund!


your all a bunch of lazy *** a$$ complainers that get nowhere in life. all you all *** people do is cry over 5 bucks.

follow the instructions and if it doesnt *** work return it for ur refund!

where would you find a company that stands behind their product like that. *** a$$ lamerz


This company is a total rip off. Ihave sold the original products for 12 years

that are made in america.

Ihave sold the original orthotics afer the people who have been suckered into buying this junk. If you want to know more .you can call me at 407-937-8567 my name is Jim

They are *** men who are only out to make a buck off of the backs of ligetatble people


thank you for all your postings I'm sorry that this has happened to everyone but you have all saved me from this mistake of purchasing from them you can buy the product online at

as seen on TV products. com or

Thank you for saving me this mistake of buying from them

to Brian C Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #856870

Thanks to all that have posted remarks! I will not buy based on what I have read. AGAIN thanks


Corlu, Tekirdag, Turkey #52186

To RM:

You are a jack@@@.

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