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Do not bother to order from Walkfit unless you want to be "taken" This is a scam company. They do not have good business practices.

They are not trustworthy and you sure cannot trust them with your money. Overcharged me $10 Scam artist i ordered online and the minute my order went it, an ad comes up " new price 14.95" That was a red flag right there and I was so aggrvated I attempted to call and cancel the darn order. They would either not answer phone or line busy. Finally got them tonight and they had already charged my visa and $10 more than it was suppose to be.

I will not be satisfied until I get these orthodics in mail and send them right back with credit on my visa. The product may well be good but I certainly do not want to do business with this scam.

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I also agree I was taken also by this bunch of crooked thieves. STAY AWAY FROM THIS OUTFIT. CALIFORNIA IS NOT DOING THERE JOB IN GETTING RID OF THIS ***.

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