Theresa, Wisconsin

WalkFit Orthodics have worked great for me. I have had them for about a year and a half.

The company has a lifetime warranty on their products and I just ordered and received by new pair. Some of you who are disappointed are probably not happy w./ the way the cahrges appear on your card. All I can say is be aware and be informed. I did not want the joint medicine but had to take it for 30day trial offer.

At about day 25 I cancelled it and had the phone number recorded that I needed to big deal. WalkFit insoles for me saved me!! They are great and I have releif..but be ware ...they do wear out. But just call them, give them your name, and I had no problem getting two pair replaced since both were well over a year old.

Great company, great product.

I would buy from them again. The Good Feet store wants $500 + for a similar product...rediculous!

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