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BEWARE !!!I actully like these orthotics so much I reorder. And thats when the NIGHTMARE started !!!1 They told me they had a special "buy two get one pair free" three pair.

So i did. When I got them in the mail there wewre only two pair in packages. I have sent 7 e-mail request to their customer service dept, and have not hears back !! After a number of phone calls, I got a custmoer servives rep located somewhere in India ?

Who said he was sorry and would shipped out the other one right away. THAT NEVER HAPPENED ! After a few more phone calls and getting the run around and 50 days later they are still giving me the "RUN AROUND" BEWARE !!! BEWARE !!!

of a company that only does there customer servive from other countrys and are not willing to do what they stated !!

very honestly this makes me wish I never bought a Walk-FIT. even thuoght I liked the product !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I too had ordered the walk-fit product, had received it from my chiropractor at 3 times the cost, so when I found it online, was very happy to order from the company. I placed my order, received the email that they had received my order.

one month later, still no product. I emailed and they said it was on back order. So two weeks later, I emailed again to see if there was a shipping date. And I also called customer service, spoke to a man I could not understand, must have been from another country, he told me that my order was complete, and would receive it in 7-14 days.

I then receive an email from the company stating that my order had been cancelled 3 weeks ago. Still wondering who to believe, and if in fact it was cancelled 3 weeks ago, why was I not notified.

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