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i was doing a purchase on line for a pair of insoles, a pop up on the screen "my name is jessica how can assist you today" i tried to avoid her, tell her that i can do it my self , however she"help'' just order a pair of insoles for $ 19.95 she tryed to sell me more (unessesary items) next day i check my account, there is a charge of $ 85.60 ????@#$% called customer service, nothing they can do because the order was placed all ready, now a have to send back a WEIGHT LOOSE PILLS have to pay for shiping again WHAT A GREAT HELP JESSICA" i hope to see some money back, any ideas what else can i do? i paid whith credit card,, real pissed !!!

Monetary Loss: $19.

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Its hard to feel sorry for you when you have the grammar of a first grader, You should go back to first grade.

to So sad #1333767

There's an apostrophe in the word it's. Also, your statement should be 2 sentences, not one sentence separated by a comma.

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