I ordered walkfit on a Sunday after seeing the tv commercial. It was all automated.

I ordered the walkfit only. It asked if I wanted the joint pills and the gel inserts if yes press 1 if not press 2 I pressed 2 did not want the extra items. They sent them to me anyways with an invoice showing that they would be charging me for the extra items. I immediately called my credit card company they had already taken out the money for the inserts but not for the extras so I cancelled my card!

Good thing I did walkfit keeps sending me a bill wanting the money for the items that I did not order. Watch out when ordering anything like this.

You could be sorry had I not cancelled my credit card they would have already been paid for these items. Best advice when ordering items off of tv send them a money order for your purchases do not give them your credit card numbers!

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I should have known better given the phonies in the infomercial. I called to order but did not want the extras or the shipping charges and stated that up front.

The order person took me through a 15 harangue trying to trick me into ordering more items. I finally cancelled my order on the phone and hung up.

Now I wonder if charges will start appearing on my credit card. I put a hold on it immediately and will cancel if the company charges me, then I will let the world know what a scam it is.


Most orthotics are a waste of time and money. they do not work, nor are scientifically proven. yet another american hocus pocus sham to get more money from sheeple


You can also order them online from Target. That way you will not have to worry about salesperson hitting you with high pressure pitch for extra products. Or worse trying to slip those extra charges onto your order.


DO NOT try to e-mail - it'a bogus :? -asks for POP3 ? outgoing & ? incoming on your computer !!


your customer service sucks. charging me

for items i did not order, and then charging me for postage on 2 units.this

is not good bisness.

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