I train horses professionally and I run marathons as a hobby. My Doc recommended these to me to try for my sunken arches.

They do take time to adjusted to( they do come with special instructions you must follow) and cause minor discomfort at first( my feet were sore for a few days nothing I couldnt handle) but the results are fabulous! Completely elimanated my IT band issues and my shin splints. I bought them at Bed Bath and Beyond for the retail price so i have not had problems with ordering from the company.

I know several other stores carry them and are much cheaper than custom orthodics. Also many online stores with good reputations like Amazon.com carry them as well.

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I purchased my Walkfit orthodics from a local Biglots for 6 bucks and within 3 days my severe foot pain is gone and my knee and hip are already feeling better. I feel for everyone who got screwed on their credit card orders, however the actual product itself works wonders.


I ordered a pair of walkfit inserts off of ebay about 2 years ago, when I was experiencing a lot of pain in my right heel. I had tried numerous inserts over a perios of about 18 months, even the ideal feet product which ran over $400.

I was desperate, and was concerned that I would be unable to walk within a couple years because of the pain. The walk-fit took some time to get used to, but helped tremendously within a few days. I have almost no pain at all now, almost 2 years after wearing the same pair of inserts. I just put them in whatever pair of shoes I am wearing.

I am about to order another pair just to have on hand. I can't even imagine having to go on without them. My pain would be back within days. I am telling you the truth.

I paid less than $20 bucks for them, but they are priceless in my view. Way to go Walk-Fit for making a product that really does work, and is cheap enough to try out. $20 is less than a trip to a doctor. the ideal feet product is a scam in my opinion.

$400 for basically the same thing you get with walk-fit, except that walk-fit worked for me and ideal feet did not. Ideal feet will not give you a refund, if that is any indication of their intentions, and it is not even a custom product.


I suspect this is a planted, positive report by someone with an interest in this product. Caveat Emptor!!

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