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I order the insoles, agree to pay 50 dollars, then on my email said I was going to be charge 70 dollars and my bank account was charge 97 dollars.

I called costumer service and they told me I order the extra insoles, which I did not.

I got mad and before opening my package I sent it back. The guy in the customer service told me that as long as the package was close I would get my shipping and handling too.

I only got refunded 70 dollars and now they are telling me that the rest was shipping and handling.

When I ask to talk to a manager, the lady called Jenifer told me he was in a meeting.. Lame excuse!!!

I want my money back, you said satisfaction guarantee and there is a lot of people very unhappy!!!


Monetary Loss: $30.

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I never even got an order confirmation number or any total!


This company is an outright fraudulent operation. When you make a purchase, you go to a screen that offers another insert for 14.95. It appears the order did not take and a third screen comes up. When you click it, it immediately goes to a billed page where you can print the order. I was charged for three for a total of 69.70.

I immediately called customer service (which is in India by the way). I gave him my order number, and conveniently he did not have it, and informed me that it would not show up on his screen for three hours.

I went to the website and sent a letter to customer service and to date have not received a response. To day 16 Dec., I was charged 89.60 to my credit card.

I have sent another email and probably won't get a response. My credit card has been notified that I am disputing the charge. I will follow up with a letter to the consumer protection division of the attorney general's office in my state.

Not once have I received a confirmation of the order to my email or a shipping date. Stay away from this bunch. They are bad news. They better hope I never visit their office.


If I lived in India I would go to these

people Homes and offices and Dish OUT

SOMe Restitution,. Who knows may be

in India in a few years Watch out

*** Dot head ***

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